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Within the manufacturing industry, keeping employees healthy has been a major concern and challenge for many companies around the world for a long time. Jobs often involve spending long periods of time bending and crouching and as a result can leave staff with substantial back and knee problems. Industrial exoskeletons mirror the structure of an operator’s limbs, joints, and muscles. It works to amplify capabilities or reduce fatigue. Exoskeletons are used to support body weight, assist with lifting, help maintain loads, or stabilize the user’s body, reducing physical stresses. The largest benefit is to decrease worker injuries and reduce healthcare and disability costs. Our wearable safety products includes Laevo Exoskeletons, Nuada Hand Exoskeleton Noonee Chairless Chair and Kenqing Active Exoskeleton.

Laevo exoskeletons are wearable chest and back support devices that reduce strain on the body and adapt to every posture. Laevo’s main goal is to protect against or prevent back injuries and allow people to work longer, more comfortable and return home with more energy. 

Nuada hand exoskeleton is the first product for the hand and allows a user to hold up to 40 kg’s of weight with their hands completely relaxed. The simple ageing process, injuries or health related issues can cause pain, hand weakness or loss of hand function. Regardless of the causes, NUADA glove represents a solution to these kinds of problems.​ NUADA is a device that looks like a thin glove that hides a hand exoskeleton and a smart wristband. The system is light and unobtrusive, and it makes a huge difference in the user’s quality of life.

Noonee Chairless Chair is an innovative exoskeleton chair design that attaches to your leg, lock into any position, and support you. The Chairless Chair allows you to effortlessly switch between an active sitting, standing, and walking position. Ergonomic design allows you to take bodyweight off the leg while the entire design can be adjusted for standing or seated position. Adjustable between 1,50m to 1,9m of height, Noonee exoskeleton chair offers excellent size adaptation and height adjustment for several job functions. This is perfect for workers and employees in different industries.

Kenqing Active Exoskeleton - ANT-PRO series of Exoskeleton Robots are developed with deep understanding of human movement, in-depth mastery of human kinematics, ergonomics, and intent recognition, servo drive and control, motion perception and motion enhancement AI algorithm, etc. On this basis, it has formed three product lines, including ANT series light Walking Assist " Ant-H1", Carrying Assist " Ant-W1" and Arm Assist " Ant-A1".

Kindly download our catalogue below for more information or contact us at 63523313
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