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Vertical Rotator, with the carrier as the storage unit, realizes logistical storage of "from articles to operator" by circulating the carries with the movement of the rotating chain. It delivers articles to the operator accurately and quickly through best path selection, is suitable to be placed around the production area and used to store the spare parts, varies tools, etc.

Vertical Storage

Vertical Lifter, with pallet as its storage unit, delivers pallet to the operator or suitable place with the horizontal and vertical movement of the extractor. Adopting an absolute position in vertical movement, the equipment can locate accurately; adopting an inductive switch control in horizontal movement, ensure movement of the mechanism. Height detection sensor at the retrieval measures article heights to store them at an appropriate location, realizing articles being bought to the operator but not vice versa. The managing system can be connected with ERP and MES. Comparing with Vertical Rotator, Vertical Lifter is more suitable for storing items in different sizes and shapes.

vertical storage.jpg

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