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AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

Autonomous Mobile Transport consists of AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle, AMR - Autonomous Mobile Robot, ACR- Autonomous Case Handle which helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing and intralogistic operations. Select from our range of standard AGVs and customize to your application. The largest range of AGVs available in the market and thousands have been deployed in the manufacturing floors. There are many designs and applications such as Tunnel Towing, Platform lifting, Tug Towing, Conveyor, Co-Bot, Forklift. System integration to ERP, MES, WMS with API interface done by our expertise.


i-Lite is made of high quality extruded aluminium with anodizing treatment to provide excellent cleanliness appearance and no corrosion. It is lighter than many other pipes without compromising durability and toughness of the load and stress capability. Furthermore, the i-Lite joints and accessories can be used to build many applications.


Commonly known as Pick/Put to Light in the market, it is a light directed systems that use indicator modules mounted to storage equipment to help pickers identify the correct locations and quantities to pick in a much clearer and simpler way.


INLED products have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, and faster switching.

lNLED products are available for commercial, industrial, road & solar and explosion proof uses.


Evolution of Robotics and automation is changing working environment. However, the "power" of people continues to be indispensable in maintaining production and service quality.


We have to care for people by equipping them with safety and health care wearable "LAEVO" exoskeleton, "NUADA" hand exoskeleton and "NOONEE" chairless chair. Coexisting with robotics and automation is sure to result in a new type of synergy as we move towards the next generation of working environment.

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